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We are proud to offer modern dental technology and techniques to our patients so you can enjoy the most comfortable, efficient, and effective dentistry possible. 

Feel free to read on to learn more about the technology we use in our practice.


Dr. Rust and Dr. Phillips use high quality loupes/glasses for magnification. Our dental camera is used often to show problem areas, in cosmetic treatment planning, and communicating colors and shapes to our dental lab. 

CEREC Machine

CEREC stands for chair-side economic restoration of esthetic ceramic. This is the mill that sculpts your single visit individually designed crown. 

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiographs allow us to take an image of your tooth and view it instantaneously on our computer monitors. 

Panoramic Machine

Panoramic machine with option for extra-oral bite-wing radiographs for those who can not tolerate intra-oral. CEREC computer for designing single visit crowns. 

Valo LED curing light

Our Valo LED curing light has a low profile design which is more comfortable to our patients in hard to reach areas and a 3 second cure time compared to a traditional 20 seconds. 

Digital X-Rays

Modern digital dental x-rays benefit patients in a number of ways: 

  • Digital x-rays expose patients to considerably less radiation than conventional film x-rays
  • Digital x-rays require almost no time for development, reducing time spent waiting in the dental chair
  • Digital x-rays allow for incredibly precise and accurate images for timely diagnoses
  • Digital x-rays are securely stored in your digital file and can be securely sent to your insurance company or specialists, when necessary
  • Because no chemicals are needed for developing and no space is needed for film storage, digital x-rays are better for the environment

Intraoral Camera

What if you could see exactly what your dentist sees? You'd probably find it simpler to make informed decisions about your oral health! 

Intraoral cameras allow you to do precisely that. Using a small digital camera embedded in a wand, the dentist can move it around your mouth and transmit the images instantly to a chairside monitor. This allows you to clearly see everything the dentist describes, including damage to the teeth and signs that might indicate periodontal disease. 

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